Highest quality ingredients
Vegan & cruelty free
100% pure & natural
Expertly blended
Highest quality ingredients
Vegan & cruelty free
100% pure & natural
Skillfully blended
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Yoursy Blends
Low energy levels, racing thoughts, poor sleep... we’ve got a thing or two for that.

Get your expertly blended therapeutic essential oil blend. Support your life one breath at a time.
Blends as Unique as You
Answer some questions about your goals and preferences. Get a premium essential oil blend made just for you.

A custom formula addresses your unique wants and needs. Making it more effective than standard blends.

Each blend is made to order by aromatherapists and labeled with your name on the bottle. Take the quiz and see your custom formulation in just a few minutes.
  • The nose is directly connected to the brain

    This part of the brain, known as the limbic system, guides the body's reactions.

  • Essential oils are plant extracts in liquid form.

    Each essential oil contains unique chemical compounds that have therapeutic properties.

  • Scents trigger an emotional response in the brain

    When the nose picks up a smell, the brain responds to this olfactory information.

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Yoursy Sets
Elevate your daily routines with Yoursy Sets. Featuring best sellers for stress, sleep and focus.
Feel the Difference
Founded by an aromatherapist and aromatic perfumer, we are dedicated to provide you with premium essential oils at reasonable prices. Learn more about our commitment to honesty, quality and sustainability.
  • Emma

    "I have tried so many essential oil blends in my life. These work the best."

  • Gorkem

    'This blend instantly relaxes me and gives me a peace of mind.'

  • Dalila

    "They smell amazing and feels amazing. I'm so glad I discovered these oils"

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Get the physical and emotional support you desire.